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About US

Gaelic football is the fastest growing sport in Europe. It is already well established in Spain with 23 teams contesting the Spanish championship. The majority of teams are in Galicia where they have really taken Celtic sport to heart. We already have 3 established teams in Andalucía, Gibraltar Gaels, Eire Óg Sevilla and Costa Gaels Marbella. Celta Málaga will join these teams to form part of the Andalusian Gaelic league. We will have home and away games. Each game will be 60 minutes.

Gaelic Football

The game is played with both hands and feet. It is not an overly physical game – the only contact allowed legally is shoulder to shoulder. However fitness is key to success. Scoring is a little different, we have goals (similar to football) but also points. A point is scored if the ball is kicked over the goal and between the 2 upright posts. 1 goal is worth 3 points. Checkout the video below to see a football game!

Skills of the game

Everyone is most welcome to join us on a Wednesday evening – you do not need to have played before- we have a qualified GAA coach who will teach you the skills of the game. However a little self study and practice will really accelerate your progress. Please check out this link to see the basics of the skills you need.


The GAA is an amateur organization. There will be a small cost per training session of €2 to cover booking the pitch and equipment.


My name is Liam, I have been involved in the Costa Gaels as a player and children’s coach for the last few years. I live in Arroyo de la Miel and work in Malaga airport. Please contact me if you have any queries! See you there!