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About US

Gaelic football is the fastest-growing sport in Europe. It is already well established in Spain with 25 teams contesting the Iberian Championship. We already have 4 established teams in Andalucía: Celta Málaga, Gibraltar Gaels, Eire Óg Sevilla and Costa Gaels Marbella.  Lisbon Celtiberos have also joined the league bring the total number to 5 clubs.

We have home and away games, one-day tournaments and friendly competitions. A full game lasts 60 minutes but one day tournaments may be comprised of a number of short games. Each year the championship finals take place in a different city, often in the Galicia region where they have really taken the Celtic sport to heart.

Gaelic Football

The game is played with both hands and feet. It is not an overly physical game – the only contact allowed legally is shoulder to shoulder. However fitness is key to success. Scoring is a little different, we have H shaped goals (similar to rugby). A point is scored if the ball is kicked over the crossbar and between the 2 upright posts. A goal is scored in the same way as soccer. 1 goal is worth 3 points. Checkout the video below to see a football game!

Skills of the game

Everyone is most welcome to join us at training – you do not need to have played before- we have a qualified GAA coach who will teach you the skills of the game. However, a little self-study and practice will really accelerate your progress. Please check out this link to see the basic skills of the game.


The GAA is an amateur organization. There will be a small cost per training session of €3 to cover booking the pitch and equipment. Membership is available which includes free training for the year and either a football or training top. Membership at a reduced cost is available for students. Please get in touch for more details.


Each year we have wonderful people from around the globe joining our ladies and men’s teams. From Boston to Melbourne, Buenos Aires to Cork, everyone is welcome! Please send a message here or contact us through our socials. We would love to meet you!